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Brochure Design

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Marketing brochures help companies market their products or services. They’re traditionally single or multi-fold paper-based documents (although with the advent of the digital age, they also come in digital varieties as well) and come in various shapes and sizes (most often resembling a pamphlet or an A4 size piece of paper.)

Brochure design is creating a document used as a marketing tool to advertise or explain a business product or service. It often comes in the form of a pamphlet or flyer to be distributed to potential customers.

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Marketing brochures come in various fold types, namely: single fold brochures, bi-fold brochure (like the one below) and tri-fold brochures and are used interchangeably with the term pamphlet.

What is the difference between a brochure and pamphlet?

A brochure can span multiple pages while pamphlets are often single-paged documents. Brochures are often created with a commercial intent in mind i.e. to promote your products or services while pamphlets are made with an informational intent.

Pamphlets are unbounded while brochures can span multiple pages and hence come bound.

The best marketing strategies of today integrate the digital with the physical, focusing on flyers, brochures, and posters just as much as websites and social media graphics.


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